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The Art of Scalability

The Art of Scalability

The Art of Scalability teaches technology executives, engineers and architects how to solve technology scalability problems through changes in their architecture, processes and organization structure. The book provides a set of models and approaches that help back office, web services and other platforms scale. Rather than focusing on the optimization and tuning of existing systems, the book offers models developed by the authors to help companies rethink their technology architecture.

There are three problems that hyper growth technology companies often experience. The first problem is downtime of their site potentially costing millions of dollars. This downtime most often is a result of an architecture that does not scale on demand as consumer transactions grow at ever increasing rates.

The second problem is a failure in the company and organizational process to quickly correct not only the current availability issues, but the longer term needs for future scale. The third problem is the failure of the organization to correct the outages and processes resulting in more and more time being spent on technology failures and less and less time being spent on new products and features. The Art of Scalability teaches the reader how to solve these three technology scalability problems.

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